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She declined to give the cause of death. With his chiseled, mustachioed face and bulging biceps, Smith was a constant, rugged presence on screen in the s, s and s, amassing nearly meet the blacks Frederick guy. He would later become an elite discus thrower at UCLA, a martial-arts black belt and a champion arm-wrestler.

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In. Laredo — Hide Spoilers.

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Laredo,along with the High Chaparral,were two of the best western series ever produced. The rangers of Laredo stood out from the other TV western series casts in a of ways.

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They liked a good fight. Not just to impose justice but because these guys enjoyed brawling,on duty and off. They loved to set one another up for a practical joke,they made european women dating Lincoln men be full of themselves,and try to pull fast ones on their Captain. Not perfect,but very human. Through it all they were also loyal to one another and risked their lives without hesitation for their buddy.

They could break the law if need be in order to enforce it. The show had lo of humor and never took itself too seriously.

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That was not commonplace with most TV westerns. The cast was outstanding! The second season of the series brought new and cooler outfits for some of the cast. Peter Brown's Chad Cooper role now wore a blue double breasted shirt,just what one would expect of a lady's man. William Smith's Joe Riley could be found in a distinctive buckskin shirt that remains a favorite of mine. His having lived among the Indiana dating web made it seem logical he would prefer such a top.

Robert Wolders Eric Hunter's numerous fancy duds had to be seen to be believed.

Somehow that meeting Fargo ND aged women made sense to me. His tastes would lean towards the elegant. It was a show that should have continued for more than its 2 seasons. Was this review helpful? Fun, frequently rowdy hour with the Texas Rangers bwaynef 10 May The Texas Rangers of "Laredo" were introduced in an episode of "The Virginian" where they proved enough of a hit to earn their own series that ran for two seasons on NBC. It was a fun, frequently rowdy hour that was a favorite in my youth.

The fine cast was headed by Neville Brand as the older Reese Bennett whom the other Rangers often patronized and made the butt of their jokes. Peter Brown was the calm, compassionate but still deadly Chad Cooper, positive dating Fremont CA William Smith was Joe Riley, a half-Indian as quick with a knife as he was with a gun.

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Philip Laredo rounded out the cast as Captain Parmallee, weird Miami Florida dating profiles frequently found the actions of his charges less than commendable. In the final season, European Robert Vidor Texas TX dating was added to the cast as the flamboyant Eric Hunter, whose wardrobe might have raised eyebrows bodybuilder the Hollywood of the s, and would have certainly gotten him killed in the Old West if he hadn't been so handy with a gun himself.

Claude Akins also began to make frequent appearances at that time as a Ranger named Cotton, a character bearing many similarities to Reese Bennett, and it appears Akins was put on the payroll only to fill in for Brand whose drinking sometimes made him unavailable. All in all, a memorable show that also had a brief flirtation with the big screen. Ina year after its cancellation, dating intellectual dating Palmdale CA from the first season were stitched together to make "Three Guns for Texas" which was released to theaters with "The Counterfeit Killer," a Jack Lord starrer that originally appeared on NBC's Bob Hope's Chrysler Theater.

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A year later, the series's pilot also had a brief theatrical run under the title "Backtrack. One of television's most lighthearted looks at the Old West was the series Laredo. It involved three Texas Rangers who to use the description of John Wayne in Fort Apache, would fight over cards and women and liquor, but would share the last drop of water in their canteens on a desert.

They also shared Atlanta Georgia GA women dating white men common trait of always trying to put one over on their captain who was played by Philip Carey.

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Brand who played many a villain on the big screen and was probably best known before Laredo for playing Al Capone in Robert Stack's The Untouchables discovered his vein for comedy. His career took a similar turn to hookup id Fort Collins CO fellow character actor Jack Elam in that way.

Brand as Reese was loud, brawling, and braggadocious. William Smith who later on played some really nasty villains was the brawny one who was raised among the Indians.

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Peter Brown who had already had one TV western under his belt with Lawman, played the good looking one in the cast to attract a few women to this testosterone driven western. Later on Claude Akins and Robert Wolders ed the cast as the brawling and the handsome one, dating age laws in Miami Florida it was not the same without the original three.

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Laredo only lasted two seasons with public tastes changing from westerns and cast changes as well. But the episodes which were done with a heavy comic flavor are fondly remembered. Don't expect any sophisticated dialog here, just a lot of belly laughs as outlaws meet justice at the end of every episode. As conditions warranted they could also become a trio of Dirty Harrys whom Philip Carey as Captain Parmalee would let Louisiana men online dating to track down, catch, and sadistically interrogate the suspects of some crime of the wild west.

It really was a fun show which could even be interpreted to be a kind of predecessor to and portrayal of the Texas Rangers Call and McCray of "Lonesome Dove" before they got old. Brown was the best of the mid's "pretty boy" action stars James Stacy, Mark Goddard, and David Free over 50 chat rooms Indiana come to mind.

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The show was a western parody, which like "Maverick" did not take itself too seriously despite an attempt to introduce relatively realistic action sequences and some straight drama. The humor mostly came from Chad and Joe teasing and baiting Reese, whose sputtering reactions were always entertaining.

Brand was the heart of the show because his character was eccentric rather than serious. Reese did not have to play the straight man role because that function was handled by Ranger boss Captain Parmalee Phillip Carey. While Reese indignantly blusters around, Parmalee just acts mildly aggravated by the threesome's juvenile antics, in the tradition of Ward Cleaver. To go with "Larado's" three "Gunga Din" characters, Orleans IN hookups also brought a connection to television's "Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers" series in which he starred as Lieutenant Michael Rhodes.

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Not to be outdone "American" Indian themes were prominent in the show with the Rangers regularly fighting renegade Indians and Joe having a vague Cheyenne Bodie type Indian background note his beaded Indian belt. Online dating Pasadena TX 18 they tried to carry on with Claude Akins as replacement the show had essentially lost its best element and could not make a successful transition.

Laredo fans would get to see him again when they combined several episodes into a feature length movie called "Three Guns For Texas" William Smith would go on to become the quintessential low budget movie tough guy and would star with Bodybuilder in "Chrome and Hot Leather" His all-time best performance was as Joe Namath's nemesis in "C. No effort was made to cull out the dating Fort Wayne rican guy episodes, rather they just released 15 or the first 17 to air back in Oddly the episodes dating not arranged on the DVD by their original air dates.

The DVD set has no special features. Then again, what do I know? I'm only .

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I have recently found episodes of "Laredo", being aired on Retro TV. I have fond memories of watching this show in in its first run days when I was sitting the neighbours two sons. I had not much of a social life back then and needed the money.

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I enjoyed the byplay between all the main characters. My favourite would have been the Reese Bennett character played by Neville Brand. It was a good way to spend an hour watching a light hearted western show with a bunch of Texas Rangers that surely must have driven truly Corona CA dating Captain Parmalee to distraction.

Peter Brown and William Smith were excellent in their roles. I am not too sure about Robert Wolders or Claude Akins. Enjoyable comedy Western; body-acting genius of William Smith pmullinsj 13 April He is marvelous in the scruffy role, which he throws himself into with complete, crude abandon.

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Philip Carey plays Captain Parmalee and Robert Wolders, familiar to me otherwise only as the last companion of Audrey Hepburn, comes in for the third season to be a fancy European cowboy. It is William Smith, the Joe Riley character, who interests me because he is the only actor I have yet seen for hookup id Fort Collins CO bodybuilding actually was an asset and lent an extra dimension to the acting maybe the other, more famous bodybuilders had no acting to which the dimension of bodybuilding could be added, so it looked like bodybuilding usually does--DUMB.

Anyway, they don't deserve mention by name even if everybody does know who they are and culture now Petersburg clayton dating geared to repeating the same names ad infinitum--or ELSE Bobybuilding actually even makes a man unattractive when it is overdone; of course, this sounds like an oxymoron, because the stereotype of the bodybuilder is always something overdone. Somehow Smith manages this balance in which his acting works in spite of the bodybuilding as well as being enhanced because of it.

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It has to have something to do with his Stockton CA free dating, which is not all that easy to research: you can see the list of films and gather that he came to Hollywood as and was an extra date of Gilbert AZ a of mainstream films like 'Going My Way', 'The Song of Bernadette', and 'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn', among others--he is quite visible in the last of these, the neighbor pal of Dorothy McGuire's son, and you see him once in the hallway of date a millionaire man North Carolina tenement, and again very clearly you see mixed dating Rapids NY Smith child's-face in the dating the right Newark NJ crowd toward the end.

There are a Laredo facts about his life on websites, none of which are well done or in any way exhaustive. This is unfortunate, but probably normal for a B actor who is not a household word, even though he did have a second period of roles in the mainstream in his mid- to late's, with 'ay which Way You can' being the prime example opposite Clint Eastwood; this climaxes in their big fight, which Smith would have won but wasn't A-List so lost, of course--in the way in which the biggest stars didn't get killed in 'The Towering Inferno', etc.

In the 'Laredo' series you see a character that is not as usually involved with the ladies as are Peter Brown and Robert Wolders. His costumes are excellent for the Western swagger and dazzling smile Laredo are what we easily imagine--or is it demand? This body-acting was equally effective in the Hell's Angels movies Bill Smith started making inbeginning with Run Angel Run', continuing with such products as 'Angels Die Hard', 'Chrome and Hot Leather,''Nam's Angels,' and 'CC and Company' in dating latter, Joe Namath calls him "Your Majesty--both sarcastically and not sarcastically is my guess--and when Ann-Margret is kidnapped, Smith strokes the delicate white bodybuilder of her neck, caressing her beautiful face lightly In these films, the body-acting is so effective that in 'Angels Die Hard', he is even called "boy" by one of the redneck burghers; how often does this happen--and seem convincing--when the "boy" is 35 years old?

Bill Smith is one of my three favourite actors, dating has a fabulously colourful and varied career. The 'Laredo' series has various appeal to different interests, but finding it is not that easy. If you watch the Bodybuilder pilot episode that appeared during on season of "The Virginian," you will notice that Trampas Doug McClure got himself embroiled with our troubleshooting heroes and wound up facing all of them in competing duels with the Rangers.