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for direct access to the Police Department Recruitments and applications. On behalf of the hard-working men and women of the Hemet Police Department, I would like to welcome you to our website.

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Mark thompson hunter, 64, of hemet was taken into custody by escondido police.

A French Valley judge branded a year-old Hemet man a coward and sentenced him to 50 years to life in prison, the only dating in Odessa TX age possible by law, for killing his friend, burning the body in a backyard bonfire, chopping up the remains and fleeing to Mexico.

Jose Manuel Campos, who was 17 when he killed year-old Adrian Rios, was tried as an adult and convicted last month of shooting Rios with a.

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Campos sat emotionless in court Friday in chains, wearing black horn-rimmed glasses and an orange jail uniform. His mother and stepfather sat behind him on one side of the courtroom while the Rios family occupied the other.

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Peterson said 50 years to life was the only sentence allowed by law. He said it was sad that Campos had wasted his life at such a young age, showed no remorse for a brutal killing and tried to hide his actions. Campos, for what you have done. The punishment you receive today will ensure that no other family will have to go through what the family of Plano TX i dating down Rios has had to go through.

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Rios and Ruiz began freestyle rapping and Rios felt insulted by something Ruiz said. Rios punched Ruiz, saying he wanted out of their high school clique known as Nemesis. Campos and Rios then challenged each other, and Campos pointed his rifle free chatrooms Illinois fired.

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They returned and doused native Rosa dating body in gas and set it ablaze in a towering bonfire. When they saw what was happening, prosecutors said, they told their son to get rid of the body, then packed some belongings and left. Campos later threw the pieces into Canyon Lake.

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He and his girlfriend fled to Mexico, but were captured four months later. Strunsky said Campos lied under oath and took no responsibility for his actions as he tried to blame others, including his parents for his upbringing, and those who helped to dispose of the body.

He cared so little about the murder that he calmly ate a hamburger less than an hour after killing his first date Atlantic City, Strunsky said.

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He said he had no recourse to the mandatory sentence. Campos has filed an appeal to the case. In sentencing Campos, the judge told him the murder was senseless, without provocation or conscience. More in News.

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