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A skilled physician, he saved many of his fellow Frenchmen from Palmdale CA loving dating plague. But it was his special prophetic powers that led to his appointment as royal physician. Some believe he cast accurate horoscopes for the sons of Queen Catherine de Medici and predicted her husband's death.

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This is the first wool and man-made fiber blend for the apparel trades to be awarded the seal of approval for washability by the American Institute of Laundering. According to Lucado, "Lorette" is a scientifically - engineered super-wool with all the saucy flirt Illinois of per cent 'wool worsted, plus the fact that "Lorette" washes like stockings. The Auburn program calls for two full days and three nights of- activities. The organization expects more than 1, civilian pilots from approximately 40 states to attend the gathering.

The members also laid plans for the executive committee and chairmen of all committees tc meet in Auburn Aug. It will also be used for children's wear. And Montgomery stores will have it in their piece goods departments for home sewing. It will of course be in all colors.

Reeves, a Louisville photographer, has invented a method of putting hats on police photographs of suspects that makes it Corpus Christi interracial dating for witnesses to make positive identification. The "hat identifier" is the result of Reeves' habit of "hanging around police stations for the last 7 years.

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They'd say I j that they thought he was the man t;but they couldn't be certain be cause he was wearing a hat when they saw him. How It Works This is the way it w6rks: Front and profile pictures of more than styles of hats, caps, tarns and other headgear are mounted on a large sheet of trans parent plexiglass. First, the witness identifies the type of hat the suspect was wearing then the hat is placed over the photo of the suspect s head.

Reeves makes the hats to fit the head size of photographs used by the different police forces using his device. Reeves' hobby is photographing policemen. The photographer built up his al bum by offering. Reeves' offer is made on a small free sex Johnson City which he hands out. On it is a small photo of himself and this inscription : ".

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In Western Europe, according to the United Nations Demo graphic Yearbook, only France had a high rate of increase, and among those of the so-callea oacK-ward areas which keep birth and death statistics only Ceylon ex ceeded the U.

Commonwealth colman Point TX dating Puerto Rico also exceeded that in con tinental U. Make farms produce more 2. Export less food. Import ore food.

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The bureau was established here in through private contribu tions to collect and distribute population data. Robert Cook is acting director. In there were Births had increased, deaths decreased. The population increase per thou sand in '50 was The bureau took figures on the U.

Greatest Increases The six with the greatest in crease in the post-war period over the late depression years were: Ceylon Down th list are nations commonly thought to be increasing their population much faster, such as Malaya with 3. Cook says many people make the mistake of watching birth rates alone to estimate what is happening to populations. He cautions that deaths must be considered to get the actual increase or decrease.

He says world population is increasing at the rate of one per cent a year. This seems low, but it means 25 million more people to feed each year, hippie dating Palmdale, more each day.

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Cook points out that this can lead to grave governmental prob lems and that the United Nations pledge to increase living standards win not re met unless the food supply is increased faster than the population. Edith Cates, next to Mr. Lucado, is modeling an ordinary wool skirt while Edna Wall wears a skirt of Lorette.

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A washing and drying of the skirts followed, and Miss Wall's skirt of "Lorrette" retained its pleats and shape with no shrinkage, sag or stretch while the ordinary wool skirt was badly out of shape, lost its texture and naturally shrunk considerably. Addrf'i If R T.

Montgomery, Ala. North rop of Scranton, Pa. He wi1 succeed Richard D bearies, Arizona rancher, whose reation was announced at the same time. Searles is returning romantic date ideas Wichita KS private business. Northrop has beer, with the Interior Department since and in government work for 29 vears. He is now administrativ assist ant secretary and before that was tne department's budget officer. Russell Coleman, president of the NFA, said that "if farmers are to get the fertilizer they need m reaching goals set, they will certainly need more working capital.

And private banks need to be aware of this fact. This was the word tod.

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Bartholemew of Edinburgh, Scotland, member of the BartholDmew map - making firm whose maps are widely used throughout the world. Names Changed "This is especially true of countries in the zone of :sian in fluence where such information as changes in the names of cities and changes in the boundaries of provinces sifts down only slowly to ma aker. Spelling changes on aps have also been necessitated, he dating San Antonio Texas TX rican girls, by certain colonial territories becom ing independent states for exam pie, Libya's change from an Ital ian colony to an independent Aran country.

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On maps for English- speaking people, at least, this means changing names from the Italian spelling to "the English dating Roanoke VA workers of the Arabic pronun ciation. An earth quake which will ravage half the world?

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Some people are Medford only date me day will be a major historical event. Because, they say, Aug. Others say there is nothing to it -that it's all nonsense. It is the burial place if the Pharaoh cneops.

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Georges Barbarin, a Frenchman, in a booK puoiisned in b con tended that the ificant dates of history are figured m the Great Pyramid by the intersection of the lines of the ceilings, of the floors, the corridors or the rooms with the various axes of tne monument, and the projection of thresholds and entrances or exits of the various galleries. Works Out Date By Barbarin's calculations, the intersection of the ground line projected from the first ascending passage with the axial line of the entrance passage and the descending passage works out to April 4, BC online dating for indians in Peoria date of the great exodus of Israel from Egypt.

Free chat line numbers Austin date of the Nativity is represented by the level of the floor of the Queen's Rtfom. Lauer, chief architect with the Egyptian antiquities department, rejects all the mystic theories. In his book, "The Problem of Egypt's Pyramids," Lauer, a Frenchman, claims all calculations based on measurement of the pyra mids are started on false or dis torted data.

Says Lauer: "Our theorists are agreed to con sider the end of the great gallery, that is the foot of its southern wall, and the beginning of the low passage leading to the anteroom; as corresponding to the date of the outbreak of World War I None of these dates, argues Lauer, has marked any ificant event.

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Lauer notes a cataclysm was predicted for and in the Mediterranean. Another mahmati-cian figured the battle of Armageddon would take place in "after the Date in Fargo alternative Land is invaded by Russia and its allies. Started Wrong But, he said, in the prophets said they had started it all wrong and again the calculations were.

This time they came up with Sept. Those proved either inificant or wrong.

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Anyway, mark Aug. Katju lashed at the Communists in portuguese dating Savannah GA debate today and said India's government would not be cowed by Red threats. Commenting on a statement by a Communist member of the upper house, P. Sundarayya, that party members in some districts would surrender illicit arms if the government promised not to arrest them, Katju said amid cheers: "Do you think this is North Ko rea and South Korea and you can have Panmunjom truce talks?

No government, here or in any otn- er country, can comprpmise on those terms.

You may do whatever you like. You may keep your arms and go back to the jungles or wherever you like. The govern ment of India refuses to be cowed down by your threats and we are determined to govern. The lower house bigger better Phoenix dating the bill Wednesday. The upper house is to follow suit next week.