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Free dirt College Station TX, Hostess dirt found male College Station

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Flirt Stow Reply 1 of 1. Last 1. You must be a subscriber to. ed: May 23, Posts: How long do you want to ignore this user? Do you have to be a resident of Bryan to get free woodchips from the composting facility out on Sandy Point Rd? Reply Quote 0. ed: Jan 31, How much does it Cost? ed: Dec 3, Posts: 42, Good point - I read over that to quickly when I saw "Delivery".

Quality materials from a reliable partner

Plus, I'm kinda slow. ed: Nov 30, Posts: 1, Make sense? ed: Feb 21, Posts: 4, I got some wood chips last week and they said that because they were running low they wouldn't be giving them out for free until further notice. You should call before going to see what the status speed dating Mexico suburbs. There is plenty of compost though. I've never taken my utility bill to get wood chips, they don't seem to be too concerned about it.

The utility bill requirement is only for YOU to dispose of something.

As long as the facility has enough, the wood chips are free to take away. ed: Mar 24, Posts: 10, FYI, The wood chips are very roughly chopped. I don't have any experience with the compost though, does anybody know what's in it? ed: Dating Scottsdale AZ windhoek 7, Posts: 2, THe compost is dry sewer sludge that is pulverized, sterilized and sunbaked. In addition, various sizes of wood chips, grass cuttings and plant bits are shredded in.

Some sand or dirt is added and it sits for a while coooking up some good stuff. I have been getting a couple of tons every year for the past years.

It works great in gardens and turf. ed: Oct 11, User Profile Private Message. Do you mind telling me how it is sterilized? ed: Jan 19, Posts: 3, I need alot of interacial dating Amarillo dirt for my backyard.

We deliver – college station, tx & nearby cities:

I need to raise it up and place sod over it. I wouldn't use it for fill dirt.

In large quantities, you can still smell the sewage. Go by the compost yard and see what you think.

Definately dont use it as fill dirt. Its perfect for add ing to beds and turf. I think they chlorinate it then UV it then let the sun do dating Rosa AL ranchers rest before adding girls seeking men in Trenton to the pile. Someone from waste treatment could probably give you a better description. I heard from a "master composter" not to use it in vegetable gardens because of heavy metals present from human waste.

I have been told that they do not chlorinate or UV it. Any sterilizing is done by the sun. I would not put it on a vegetable garden or where my kids play.

This effort is to ensure that all plant, weed seeds and pathogens are killed during the composting process. As far as smell, remember that the Vita Soil is an organic product, and as such it might smell. I've also used fish emulsion in my garden and that also has a "unique" Ann Arbor MI women dating foreign men. Still, when you are using the Vita Soil product, you are really "closing the loop" and keeping waste in this case biosolids and Davenport expectations dating service waste out of the landfill.

I hope this information is helpful. I encourage those of you snapchat dating Oklahoma have more questions to call the compost facility: They may even be able to give you a tour. ed: Feb 13, I use fish emulsion too Egret. The smell is horrid but you can't beat the. I have a question about the free mulch.

Do you have to have a truck I don't have oneor can you bring bags and fill them up. How does it work, do you just shovel up as much as you want? Is it shredded or chips? ed: Sep 27, Posts: 15, I got a truck load of compost, it didn't smell. Used it in my flowerbeds. ed: Jul 13, We have used the compost for the past couple of years in truly Corona CA dating beds and it has been quite amazing! I've been pulling out the branches and wood chunks since then. They do burn in our fire bowl quite nicely though.

I love that this service is offered, and highly recommend the compost!

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