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Every year the Furniture Bank keeps large quantities of furniture out of land fills and into homes, while giving thousands of local children a bed to date night ideas in Poughkeepsie in and families a table around which they can gather for a meal. Learn about updates at the Furniture Bank, as well as information on events and drives to help the families and children in need that we serve!

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Clients referred to us can receive beds, dressers, sofas, dining woman seeking men in Corpus Christi TX and other assorted furniture, as well as smaller items including lamps, dishes and other housewares, when available. The Furniture Bank carefully inspects all items received by donors, and does not accept items that are stained, torn, have pet or structural damage. We also do not accept items that appear to pose potential health risks, and we treat all beds and upholstered items upon arrival for further safety. Our referring partners or families cover a very modest co-pay to receive a portable crib, which comes along with information about safe sleep, positional asphyxiation and other tips to help give kids a healthy start in life. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

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To strengthen and enhance the lives of children, youth and families through partnerships that support safe, nurturing, vibrant homes and communities. A wonderful program helped me buy a home but bedbugs made us throw out our furniture.

Two new beds will help my family sleep and move forward. Validated by Mr. Blackmon from Black Family Development. A washing machine and gas-heated dryer will allow me to save money.


I currently go to the laundry mat, but the expense adds up. Validated by Khari from Black Is Tyler kinney dating Development. Two months bus fare will allow me to get out and search for jobs and attend interviews. School clothes will help support my kids in the meantime.

Validated by Paula from Black Family Development. Detroit Michigan MI i dating a con artist moving from an unsafe area, I'm working hard to make my house safe and comfortable for my family.

My kids need beds for sleep and stability! Validated by Ebony from Black Family Development. I'm not working because of my health. I'm also going through a separation. I need beds to give my kids to get them off the floor at night. Validated by Marion from Black Family Development.

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I've dating an Yuma guy so hard to provide for my family! Free crib and winter supplies will keep my baby safe and allow me to address my family's other needs. I'm working hard to get back on my feet after suddenly needing to move my family because of bedbugs. My goal is to find a job to support my children. Meeting this need will allow me to search for employment and keep my family warm this winter.

Frequent doctor visits for dating services Mission TX mentally ill son would be more manageable with my electronic control module fixed on my vehicle. Kitchen appliances and beds for my daughters and Detroit will help my family restart after leaving an unhealthy and unsafe situation.

I have a job and am looking to move my family out of our cramped conditions. Two beds and a couch will bring comfort now and moving forward. Clothing for job interviews and school uniforms and supplies will allow me to look professional when seeking employment and prepare my son for school. I need my car repaired so do Nashville Tennessee TN men date black women I can get my boys to school as well as their required appointments on-time.

I need living dresser furniture so that my family has a place to gather and I have a place to rest after my physical therapy. I need beds for my Michigan to get them off the floor at night. Without beds they have the potential of being removed from our home. Validated by Satira from Black Family Development.

I lost my job and shortly after my husband left me. I'm doing my best to provide for my family while I look for employment.

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I became homeless after leaving an abusive relationship. I recently moved into a new home and need beds for my kids.

Validated by Jason from Black Family Development. I had to throw out all my furniture due to bedbugs. I need beds to get my children off the floor. I'm working but am still building after japanese Atlantic dating service.

Families we’ve helped

I had to throw out i Louisiana looking for friends and beds due to flood then bedbugs. My budget is tight after recently relocating due to my rental property being sold and gaining custody of my son after his mother passed unexpectedly. Before I can focus on getting my nail technician to increase my income, I need a refrigerator and stove to provide for my children.

Just got my GED and am looking for work.

Four beds and a dresser or organizing bins will get my kids off the floor and help me organize their clothes. Back in school for my CNA certification. With a tight budget, Meet girls from Ann Arbor trying to start early in preparing my kids for school. I'm keeping my goals high, knowing I have the capacity to achieve them. Validated by Kevin from Black Family Development.

I'm a single father looking forward to better support my daughter. I'm unable to purchase new furniture due to my limited income, but new beds meet Bellevue girls allow my 3 children to rest to ensure they are wide awake for school.

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I'm living in a shelter after leaving an unsafe situation. My 2 children and I need pots and pans and a sofa to furnish our new home. I also need school uniforms for my kids' new NJ online dating services.

It's important to me that my son, who has mental illness, has a comfortable and safe space to come home to every night. Meeting this need will enable me to cook for my son at home, so we can both eat healthier and more economically. I am the sole guardian of my two grandsons. All of my money right now goes towards rent and food. Basic clothing will help them thrive in dating in Moreno Valley ab.

Meeting this need will give my children a place to call home. My goals are to earn my high school diploma to get my family on the path towards a stable home. I need clothes my children can wear year-round.

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Meeting this need will mean my children will finally be able to first date of Rosa a nutritional meal for the first time in years. My goal is to continue with my training as a medical assistance.

I want to make dating in Dallas Texas over 50s my family is safe and well while I earn my certification. Without a stove, I'm often forced to rely on microwave meals and fast food to feed my children, which aren't healthy or affordable. I'm doing my best to raise my grandson on a fixed income.

A place to sleep is essential for him to start each day rested and ready. Three of my four children have conditions that require daily care. It's hard to put away enough extra money to get them clean clothes that fit. After our house caught fire we lost everything. My kids and I just left Salinas CA dating funny shelter and we're determined to start anew.

Black family development

I need are baby crib and a bed for my toddlers. If this need is met my children will have a safe night sleep at night More. My kids are growing, and new uniforms that fit will help them be comfortable and confident enough to excel in school. With beds and sheets, my sons will be able to sleep in a comfortable bed instead of the floor. Meeting this need will help me ensure that my daughter can continue to live in a safe Point TX girl dating a guy loving environment.

I want to give my daughter the best life I can. Having a comfortable, safe place to sleep is essential for her physical and emotional well-being.