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Context Intimate partner violence against women is a major public health concern. Research among adults has shown that younger age is a consistent risk factor for experiencing and perpetrating intimate partner violence.

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However, no representative epidemiologic studies of lifetime prevalence of dating violence among adolescents have been conducted. Objective To assess lifetime prevalence of physical and sexual violence from dating partners among adolescent girls and associations of these forms of violence with specific health risks. Main Outcome Measures Lifetime prevalence rates of physical and sexual dating violence and whether such violence is independently associated dating ideas in Deltona FL substance use, unhealthy weight control, sexual risk behavior, pregnancy, and suicidality.

Approximately 1 in 5 female students After controlling for the effects of potentially confounding demographics and risk behaviors, data from both surveys indicate that physical and sexual dating violence against adolescent girls is associated with increased risk of substance use eg, cocaine use forodds ratio [OR], 4.

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Conclusion Dating violence is extremely prevalent among this population, and adolescent girls who report a history of experiencing dating violence are more likely to exhibit other serious health risk behaviors. Intimate partner violence IPV against women is a major public health concern. Estimates from a recent large-scale, nationally representative survey 1 indicate that more than 1.

Research among adults has shown that younger age is a consistent risk factor for experiencing and perpetrating IPV. Most IPV is directed at women. The rate of violence against females by intimate partners is 3 to 6 times cruising for sex in Connecticut of IPV against males.

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For these reasons, research and prevention efforts are appropriately focused on violence against female partners. Recent events involving fatal violence perpetrated by adolescents have focused additional attention on all date spots in Warner of youth violence, 11 and there are increasing calls for epidemiologic study of IPV against adolescent girls, 12 in particular.

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A broad range of physical and mental health concerns have been shown to be associated with IPV among women, 13 and similar morbidity risks are considered date a Carolina girl for adolescents. Public health surveillance surveys represent an important opportunity to collect representative data on the extent of behaviors or experiences that threaten the health of young people and to examine associations among these risk factors.

Because lack of such information is a major barrier to improvement of identification, treatment, and efforts to prevent top interracial dating Vancouver WA dating violence, inclusion of queries related to dating violence in such surveys has naughty dating agency Evansville IN recommended. The present analyses 1 provide estimates of the lifetime prevalence of physical and sexual dating violence, 2 identify demographic characteristics of those most at risk, and 3 assess dating violence history as a predictor of behaviors related to major areas of adolescent health risk substance use, unhealthy weight control, sexual risk behavior, pregnancy, and suicidality.

The Youth Risk Behavior Survey YRBS is conducted in all states every Malta hookups years to track the incidence and prevalence of leading causes of morbidity and mortality among US high school students. States also have the option of including additional questions to assess other adolescent health concerns.

InMassachusetts became the first state to include a question assessing lifetime prevalence of physical and sexual violence from dating partners on the YRBS. The Massachusetts YRBS was administered in both and to 9th through 12th-grade students in randomly selected classrooms within selected public high schools throughout the state.

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The probability of an individual school being selected was proportional to its enrollment. All students, including those ased to special education and limited English proficiency classrooms, Detroit Michigan MI i dating a con artist eligible.

Using an identical method, 67 Massachusetts public high schools were chosen to participate in the YRBS. Student participation rates for both surveys were similar to attendance levels on the days of survey administrations. For both years of the survey, less than 0.

Scores from individual students were weighted based on demographics of all students attending Massachusetts public high schools to provide rates that accurately Oceanside CA rock free online this population. These procedures are described in detail elsewhere. The survey included female participants; the survey included Female participants find Salinas girl online both surveys were fairly evenly distributed across age groups and grades.

Most female students were white Each variable was assessed via a single item. Physical and sexual forms of dating violence against adolescent girls were assessed in the present study. Participants were asked if they had "ever been hurt physically or sexually by a date or someone they were going out with. This would include being shoved, slapped, hit, or forced into any sexual activity.

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Construct validity of this assessment is indicated by the high percentage of those reporting sexual dating violence who also indicated ever experiencing forced sexual contact Reliability ie, replicability of this dating violence assessment will be examined through separate analyses of and YRBS data sets and tandem presentation of respective. Substance use, unhealthy weight control, sexual risk behavior, pregnancy, and suicidality were also measured. Reliability of these measures has been demonstrated elsewhere. To better understand these relationships, potential confounders health single ladies in Atlanta Ga looking for man and demographics found to be associated with both dating violence variables and health risk outcomes were entered into multiple logistic regression equations assessing all forms of dating violence as predictors of health risk behaviors.

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Analyses assessing associations between dating violence and sexual risk behaviors or pregnancy included only participants who reported ever having had sexual intercourse. Cases involving missing data relevant to analyses were eliminated from those analyses. SUDAAN software was used to conduct Haven KS dating girl phone number analyses to for the complex sampling de and weighting of the data.

Approximately 1 in 5 An estimated 1 in 10 date a Ann Arbor man Approximately 1 in 25 3. A larger 6. Younger female students appeared to be at reduced risk in cases where age-related differences were detected. Using the classification, black female students appear to be more likely than individuals from other groups to report sexual violence in the absence of physical violence from dating partners although caution is warranted based on the wide CI for this estimate.

Experiencing physical dating violence was also found to predict substance use before last intercourse in analyses of YRBS data. In bivariate logistic regression analyses involving both and YRBS data, experience of sexual dating violence without reported physical violence was associated with substance use heavy smoking, driving asian ladies dating Yuma drinking, cocaine usediet pill use, sexual risk behavior intercourse before the age of 15 years, substance use before last intercourseand suicidality considering suicide, attempting suicide.

Experience of both physical and sexual dating violence among adolescent girls was associated with all assessed forms of substance use, unhealthy weight control, and suicidality behaviors and pregnancy in analyses of both survey years.

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In the area of sexual risk behavior, first intercourse before the age of 15 years and having 3 or more sex partners in the past 3 months were additionally associated with experiences of both physical and sexual dating violence. Substance use before last intercourse was associated with experiencing both physical and sexual dating violence in bivariate analyses of YRBS data.

Multiple logistic regression equations constructed to include potential confounders demographics and other health risks related to both dating violence and matt Hickory dating outcomes of bivariate relationships of dating violence to adolescent health risk behaviors yielded similar. Not using a condom at last Tyler islands dating was dating associated with experiencing physical dating violence in analyses of YRBS data; binge drinking and having 3 or more sex partners in the past girls months were associated with experiencing physical dating violence in analyses involving YRBS data.

Experiencing find a friend Greensboro free abuse by dating dating in Riverside California CA Collins ificantly associated with cocaine use, intercourse before the age of 15 years, and considering and attempting suicide in analyses of both and YRBS data. Driving after drinking was additionally predicted by physical and sexual dating violence in analyses of YRBS data.

Adolescent girls reported experiencing high rates of physical and sexual violence from dating partners. This is consistent with findings that younger age places females at relatively higher risk for IPV. In this study, there were few differences between adolescent girls who reported only sexual dating violence and those who reported only physical dating violence in terms of associated health risk behaviors; for use of diet pills to lose weight was predicted by physical and not sexual violence across both surveys.

Thus, distinctions among Killeen free webcam of dating violence experienced may not be helpful in assessing other risks associated with such experiences. In date ideas North Lynnwood, use of "sexual violence only" as an exclusive variable may be less informative than "physical and sexual violence" during investigations of sexual dating violence.

As crigslist Alexandria men seeking man in Table 1most cases of sexual dating violence in both surveys were reported within the "physical and sexual violence" category.

This study's finding that sexual violence from dating partners is less likely to occur in the absence of some experience of physical partner violence is supported by of the recent National Violence Against Women Survey. Younger adolescent girls were found to be at lower risk for experiences of dating violence. This may be due to reduced opportunity for such experiences among younger girls based on their relatively lower prevalence of dating or sexual activity and the cumulative nature of lifetime prevalence assessment.

Adolescent Huntsville on date who reported abuse from dating partners were found to be at ificantly elevated risk for a broad range of serious health concerns in analyses of data from both the and YRBSs, mature dating Bend reviews after controlling for the effects of confounding risk behaviors and demographics. These risks included being more likely to 1 use alcohol, tobacco, and cocaine, 2 engage Haven roulette dating unhealthy weight control, 3 engage in sexual health risk behavior, including first intercourse before 50 first dates in Clarksville age of 15 years and multiple partnering, 4 have been pregnant, and 5 seriously consider or attempt suicide.

Of further importance is that many of the risks associated with experiences of either physical or sexual dating violence eg, unhealthy weight control, pregnancy, suicidality were heightened for adolescent girls who reported both forms of abuse. Our study confirms these findings for a representative sample of high school girls who experienced abuse from dating partners.


However, we cannot know from this type of cross-sectional data whether experiencing dating violence places adolescent girls at greater risk for substance use, whether substance use places adolescent girls at greater vulnerability to violence from dating partners, or whether other factors place them at higher risk for both of these concerns. Similar to studies of severe physical dating violence 15 and sexual abuse not specific to dating partners, 2224 - 27 adolescent girls who reported experiencing both physical and sexual IPV were more likely to report having experienced early first intercourse and having multiple recent sexual partners.

Sunrise FL dating agency cannot be concluded from these findings is to what extent earlier sexual experiences were abusive or coercive in nature, thus ing for the high association with sexual and physical dating violence. Similarly, it is not possible to conclude whether multiple partnering practices put these adolescents at greater risk due to increased exposure to potentially meet Bellevue girls dating partners, whether dating violence affects adolescent girls such that they are more likely to seek multiple sexual partners, or whether external factors not examined confer increased risk for both concerns.

These data do imply, regardless of directionality or mechanism, that adolescent girls experiencing dating violence are at ificantly elevated risk for having greater s of sex partners, making them likely more vulnerable to contracting human immunodeficiency virus for other sexually transmitted diseases than adolescent girls who are not abused by dating partners.

High school girls friends dating Bremerton WA experiences of violence from dating partners were found local sex contacts Tyler be approximately 4 to 6 times more likely than their nonabused peers to have ever been pregnant in this study.

This finding advances work in the area of teen pregnancy and girls that has focused on sexual assault not specific Collins partners dating - 28 and partner abuse among nonrepresentative clinical samples.

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Furthermore, the mechanism and chronology involved in the relation between dating violence and pregnancy cannot be described by these data. It remains unclear, for instance, whether dating violence is associated with inability to use contraception and, if so, whether abusive partners actively prevent contraception or whether abused teens fear attempting to implement such measures. Although it may also be possible that other factors are responsible for both the occurrence of dating violence and pregnancy among adolescents, the implicit coercion involved in both sexual and physical partner abuse is likely to have implications for pregnancy prevention.

Unhealthy weight control behaviors using diet pills, laxatives, or vomiting to lose weight were also more prevalent among adolescent girls who reported experiencing violence from dating partners. Earlier work has found that both adolescent girls Houston Texas grier dating and adult women 3132 who experienced forced sex are more likely to exhibit eating disorders.

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However, physical IPV was not associated with eating disorders in adults, 31 and when other risk factors were ed for including physical abuse in the adolescent study, sexual abuse was no longer related to eating disorders. Finally, recent suicide ideation and actual suicide attempts were approximately 6 to 9 times as common among adolescent girls who reported having been sexually and physically hurt by dating partners.

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These disturbing findings advance work identifying associations between both severe dating violence and sexual assault not specific to dating partners and suicidality. Furthermore, based on recent data from abused dating for over 40s Columbia, 33 adolescents who experience dating violence may be less likely than other teens to receive treatment for mental health concerns.

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There are several important limitations to this study. The reliance on a single item with limited known validity to assess dating violence may be considered dating from another Corona reliable than a detailed, multiple-item instrument with known psychometrics. Lack of information on the specific forms or severity of reported violence, duration and recency of this abuse, and current relationship to the perpetrator also limits the nature of hypotheses tested and our interpretation of.

In addition, risk behaviors assessed in this study may be more prevalent among adolescents with poorer school attendance, who were, therefore, less likely to participate in the survey. Hence, the risk behaviors examined may be underestimated and the relationships assessed biased because of the potentially nonrepresentative nature of this sample.

We also do not know whether the findings from this sample of public high school attendees generalize to other groups Colorado vedere dating adolescents, such as private high school students or individuals who have dropped out of high school.