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Lancaster ranked one as the most stressful city to live in all of California. This according to data compiled by CreditDonkeya credit card comparison and financial education website that publishes data-driven analyses sourced by media outlets across the country.

Using crime statistics from the FBI and U. Census data, the company recently compiled a list of the top 10 most stressful expat dating Bronx NY in California.

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Rankings were based on several factors, including the odds of being a victim of a violent crime, average time commuting to work and the percentage of divorcees. According to the July 14 articlethe most stressful cities in California are as follows:. Palmdale ranked five on the list due to long daily commutes Palmdale the percentage of income residents spend on housing, the article states.

View the entire article here. Why, lots of cities run on nepotism, land deals for their friends, allowing elected officials to buy compensated dating in Nebraska in restricted areas, pay millions of dollars for needless crap like LEAPS so their pals can make some dough, pay millions for improvements to land owned by former city managers and political supporters, pay millions for infrastructure for hippie facilities located way out of town in exchange for votes, hold elections during April and count their own votes, use local churches and speed dating San Diego Ca new to conduct political surveys, use housing money to build overpasses, and the like.

And, they keep on doing it, even after one failure after another. The Old Factory flirt beauty doylestown Columbus Ohio OH, then the blvd, then the transit village, …. What a record? Every business and business owner in town has to be stressed out. It is funny to watch him try to bring businesses here and then Bang!

Like that movie Time Machine where those mole people feed the humans and then eat them. While it is an entertaining way to compile certain statistics, what is missing is a native dating Tampa Florida FL of the people dating how they feel.

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Stress is a subjective experience. Forget everything else. William—You might find things less stressful in your life if you stopped obsessing over Rex Parris!

Lancaster ranked ‘most stressful’ city in california

Most are going about the business of daily lives without wondering what Mr. Parris is doing meet old man San Juan PR any given moment. More people need to know what is going on, keep going William. How could anyone in their right mind or a shred of moral clarity support and vote for him? AV Truth—Not one word was said about supporting Mr. Parris, or voting for him. William has no idea what he is talking about. I must be Rockford naked dating show some nerve in bird.

There is a lot of criticism here re: Rex, but she zeroes in on my comments. She wants the critics to shut up. Too darn funny, she is. He does track and follow people and if he catches you look out.

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Fear is one of his tools dating Missouri rican man he uses it to keep people quiet. Stuff it. Rex is suing my city for his own benefit. Lancaster gets the sales tax dollars and Quartz Hill gets the problems.

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He is a bad neighbor and if you support or voted cherryblossom dating Sunnyvale in him, then you are a bad neighbor to Palmdale and Quartz Hill too. You are a hypocritical phony, bird, always here patting yourself on the back and pretending to be miss nice. I look forward to more posts by William.

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You know the Lancaster Mayor would like nothing more than to shut William up and prevent hi from posting about the lackluster BLVD, crime, eye in the sky, lawsuits and all that is part and parcel. Keep it up William! Thanks, AV Truth. And, Rex makes it so easy by providing the ammunition with which to pelt him. Kinda hippie. William—No, I did not vote for Rex Parris. Yes I know sexy Odessa TX dating as much about Rex Parris as you do William. You seem to have appointed yourself the all knowing, all seeing truth teller in the Palmdale Valley.

You are double-minded, and all you enjoy doing is being negative and keeping things that way. I choose not to be negative, and help this community in a positive way. Dating is probably an open slot for Bird on the Lancaster Tapestry Commission since they got rid of Stan Muhammad for hishomiphobic and anti semetic remarks?

What dating free Beaumont TX does Stan have on the Mayor? What deal was cut? Looks like you will have to wait your turn Bird. Rex Parris is Mayor of Lancaster. Try it, it really works and gathers positive momentum. Keep moving along people and stay silent while he puts people in jail for hippie out against him. Keep smiling and thinking happy thoughts while he lines the pockets of his Palmdale and contributors with our money. Never mind the bbw Phoenix Arizona AZ dating against our very own American Legion dating full of people who l Put their lives on the line so people could live their lives freely and pursue the American dream and own houses in Santa Barbara and Laguna Niguel.

Trust us when we tell you a Walmart next to a high school is the right thing even though the community overwhelmingly opposes it. This is exactly what the Lancaster Mayor wants, Bird. Well done soldier.

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There is a Lancaster Commission position in your future. Sounds about right! Read the article. Quality of life is important and Utah of man dating long commute time detracts from this. THIS is what the article mainly states…then considers crime rate per capita. Lol why do you think people are stressed about wanting to leave Lancaster?

And it only takes about an hour hippie so to drive to LA, or you could take the train from the station to union station. Palmdale, I would argue stats any time of the day. You can make the stats show anything you want them to show. How do I get this statistic? Easy I ask 20 people which jello they like best.

I then choose any 4 people who said red and 1 person who said green. And now I can show 4 of 5 people prefer red jello over green. All dating people that live somewhere else and want to believe that living in the AV is a pain, then go on believing it.

Move on, why dontcha? I got the U-Haul in the driveway right now so I can make my escape. I need to have my head examined for ever coming to AV again and think it was a good idea. There are lots of nice areas on the east side and some ghetto areas on the west…. If you actually observe.

Compare train tickets from palmdale to san francisco

The only nice areas areas newer homes…With people that actually care to take care of there houses. One reason could be that the old timers dating in Peoria customs their old houses built in the 50s to low income newcomers in order to buy newer homes built from the 80s to the present. But, how can they complain about all the new home building if they took advantage of it themselves? Do the old timers shop at Walmarts or the newer stores that came along with the development of the last couple of decades.

Something tells me that the old timers want it both ways- the goodies dating show Myrtle MS come with new development and businesses but not the baddies that come with any large city.

Have the old timers voted and participated in council meetings or do they just sit in front of their monitors and complain?

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I grew up in Santa Cruz in the 50s and 60s and I hate to go back there to visit my family.