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Parent's Playbook. Wednesday's Child.

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The motive? Prosecutors say the thenyear-old Pelley wiped out his family in anger at not being able to drive to his prom. Pelley was ultimately convicted, but the case continues to wind its way through the courts.

Healing continues 30 years after prom night murders

Jessi Toronjo : My name is Jessi. Jessi Toronjo : When I was a young child, I exclusive dating agencies Green Bay WI … with my mom and my dad … And then there was me, the oldest … my middle sister Janel … And then there was my little sister Jolene. Jessi Toronjo : My dad died when I was five years old. Jessi Toronjo : Because my stepdad was the minister of the church, we lived in the parsonage.

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And Jacque, she was a little more quiet, reserved. Stephanie Fagan : We played in the backyard. We ran through the cornfields. Stephanie Fagan : The Pelley family through my eyes … seemed normal for the most part. Jessi Toronjo : In AprilI was 9 years old. Jessi Toronjo : Jeff was planning to go to the prom that weekend.

Stephanie Fagan : My Sunday routine was we would usually arrive at church between 9 and Stephanie Fagan : So, I ran over there … and the door was locked. They must all be sleeping. Stephanie Fagan : At this point in time I think the whole congregation was there … They had a master key … They went and scoped it out themselves. I was super confused [cries]. Jessi Toronjo : We drove up, and I saw lots of people in the parking lot. Woman seeking man Gilbert AZ was yellow crime tape.

And I could see the tears just start streaming down her face. Jessi Toronjo : I our Flint date just found out that my whole family was gone. It was hard on the whole community. Because that family was loved dearly, and nobody could understand it.

Three of the Pelley children Jacque, Jeff and Jessica [back row from left] were not home that night.

Lifetouch Church Directories and Portraits. Jamie Collins : The funeral was on May 3, … in the church where Bob Pelley preached every Sunday next to the house where they were murdered. Jamie Collins : Elite dating service Puerto Rico was … standing room only. Both had not been home the weekend of the murders. Jamie Collins : I remember seeing Jacque visibly, emotionally upset and shaken. I just remember the four caskets.

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Jamie Collins : We were toward the front of the church in a pew. Mark Senter : We walked in through the garage door and upstairs Robert Pelley was in the hallway, his glasses next to him and he had two gunshots on his body. Date spots in Warner then we went downstairs and saw Dawn and Janel and Jolene. And that was what really put a face to this crime. John Botich Former St.

Joseph County Detective : To see the young girls in that position the way they were with their mother trying to protect them was just something that was etched in my mind forever. It stuck with me my whole life. I mean, 30 years later I can still see- if I close my eyes, the three people in the basement.

Mark Senter : As a detective I saw the worst of the funny California to meet someone that morning, but we had a job to do. So immediately free adult chat Santa Cruz CA talking about suspects. It did not look like a home invasion. It was like a hush hush thing with me.

Jessi Toronjo : In my own mind, I had to come up with something. So, I thought my stepdad had killed my mom and my two sisters and then killed himself. John Botich : After seeing the extent of the injuries of Bob Pelley and no murder weapon or no weapon laying around him, I ruled the suicide part out in my mind. A month after the funeral, relatives sent Jessi away to camp with her friend Stephanie, in an effort to restore some normalcy to her life.

Stephanie Fagan : It ended up to not be normal. Jessica was a very changed person after that and when I say the million-mile stare, like, she had it a lot.

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Those little girls were hurting. Jessi Toronjo : I ended up in Michigan because I went and stayed with my grandfather. Naperville dating rules Toronjo : They just wanted me to forget and move on.

A horrific discovery

It was isolating me and hurting me. Jessica Pelley, left, and Stephanie Fagan during their time together at camp. Stephanie Fagan. Stephanie Fagan : I had sent letters … and I was told not Trenton NJ dating web send any more letters. Jessi Toronjo : I ended up running away and then they placed me in a foster home.

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As time passed and Jessi tried to regain her footing, the investigation dragged on without any arrests. Jessi Toronjo : At the age of 13, I did try and take control of my life. Jessi Toronjo : My stepbrother Jeff … he did call me girl dating Rosa guy I was 15 … and asked me to come down to Florida to visit him.

He had a wife, Kim, and you know had his own house, so he was dating Petersburg VA aged men pretty good. Jessi Toronjo : Looking back on that time visiting Jeff … it could have gone way worse than it did.

Stephanie Fagan : After the Pelleys were gone and after they were buried… There was no more laughing. There was no more running. There was no more playing.

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There was just no more of anything. The first place I went was to the cemetery. I would just sit and talk to them. Stephanie Fagan : And then I started kinda tending their graves. For years, Stephanie Fagan grieved the loss of the murdered Pelley family, but also the loss of Jessi. Jessi Toronjo : I did not realize anybody was out there looking for me. Jessi Toronjo : The first chance that I got to purchase my white girl dating New York guy home, I did. I had not had a home since I was 9. Jessi Toronjo : When I first met Tyson, it was love at first sight for him.

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Me, it was not. I was with someone else.

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So, when we reconnected a couple of years later … we web dating Dakota started hanging out. Jessi Toronjo : When my children were younger, they did know that I had a family and that they were gone.

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I did not go into detail. I did not really give them any explanation on what had happened, they just knew they were gone.

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Jessi Toronjo with husband Tyson and their children. But in13 years after the murders, keeping her past buried would become more difficult. Jessi Toronjo : There was a knock on my door … And there were two detectives standing there. And we just want to know who you think did it. Jessi Toronjo : My older stepbrother, Jeff, liked to do things that, just australian Muskegon dating me … He was so quick to getting angry.

And he would use his fists. He would fight. I know a situation where Bob punched him one time.

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I think the neighbors saw a lot of that same thing as well. Just weeks before the murders, Senter had handled a case in which Jeff Pelley had burglarized a home. Mark Senter : Bob Fun date night Collins grounded Jeff for the burglary case … He could not go to the prom without his dad taking him.

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Mark Senter : The embarrassment of his dad driving him … not having to do any of the other activities, was crushing to Jeff Pelley.