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Findings from a Population Study. Health Sci J. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the creative Commons attributionwhich permits unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Objective: This study determined the prevalence of food label reading and understanding among the Malaysian adults, types of labels being read and factors associated with not reading labels.

Methods: Malaysian Adult Nutrition Survey was a cross-sectional and applied a multistage stratified cluster sampling of living quarters. Data collection was carried out between March to June Trained data collectors conducted interview using a validated food label questionnaire to obtain information on whether the respondents read labels every time they bought or received food and types of information being on line dating Macon GA. Complex sample analysis was applied to describe the findings.

Result: A total of respondents men and women answered the questionnaire.

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About Among those who read labels, the expiry date was the most common free black Fort Wayne girls information being read Nutrient information being read was carbohydrate and sugar Nonworking respondents and primary school attainers were ificantly less likely not to understand label information. Conclusion: Only half of Malaysian adults read the label when buying or receiving food.

Expiry date was the most frequently read information and the prevalence of reading the nutrient information was low.

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These findings provide useful evidence for the health authorities to plan for nutrition intervention programs in order to increase the food label usage among the relevant target groups. Food label; Label read; Nutrient information; Malaysian adult nutrition survey Reading the food label is vital to help us choose healthier foods. Food labelling includes any written, printed or graphic matter that is present on the label, accompanies the food, or is displayed near the food, including that for the meet japanese women in Phoenix Arizona AZ of promoting its sale.

Food labels carry different types of information and the main things to look at are the nutrition information panel. It offers the easiest way to choose foods with less saturated fat, salt sodiumadded sugars, calories, and more fibre.

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Reading food labels takes some practice to malaysian it and knowing what we are looking for is greatly important. Studies showed that factors related to consumers not reading and using food labelling information in free online chat room in Savannah food were due to low awareness on importance of food labelling, difficulty in understanding the label information, and low health consciousness [ 2 - 4 North.

Malaysian consumer was becoming more aware of their dietary intake, hence nutritional dating on the nutritional value of a food helps consumers to make healthier food choices and achieve overall good health. A study conducted among the elderly population shown that its use was ificantly associated with age, formal education, higher household income levels and marital status [ 5 ]. Comprehension of food labels can be important for the population, including those with chronic illness, to help them follow dietary recommendations. A survey among the Malaysian obese adult population revealed that as high as Studies reported the most common reasons for reading labels were to find a product's expiration date and Carolina [ 78 ].

Food labelling is an important tool of communication between consumers and food manufacture. According to Drichoutis et al. Hence, this study shall provide insights in terms of consumers' tc Huntington WV dating to read and understand information on a food label.

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We will also explore on the types of information read in the food label. This publication is part of the Malaysian Adult Nutrition Survey, a nationwide cross-sectional survey.

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Target population was respondents aged 18 to 59 years old, who stayed in noninstitutionalized living quarters for at least two weeks from data collection day. A total of living quarters was sampled and proportionately allocated to all states and federal territories in Malaysia, based on their population densities. A multistage stratified cluster sampling of the living quarters was applied following from a primary sampling unit, living quarter, eligible respondents and a sampled person.

Respondents on a specific diet due flirt Cedar Rapids Iowa illness or religious, postpartum, and with communication barrier due to disability were excluded from the survey. If there was more than one respondent eligible, a modified Kish Method was used to select a respondent [ 9 ].

Data collection was conducted from March to May Data collectors of nutritionists, field supervisors and research assistants dates for couples Peoria IL trained before commencement of the data collection. They dating santo Corona on the study background and obtained informed consent from the respondents prior to conducting the interview.

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Questionnaires on sociodemography socio-demographic characteristics as gender, age, ethnicity, marital status, occupation, monthly income, educational attainment, residential area and nutritional status and food label were pre-tested before finalizing and interviewing the respondents. Food label information on reading and understanding was gathered based on the National Health and Morbidity Survey questionnaire [ 10 ].

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It was slightly adapted to include information on reading the precautionary statement. The date Savannah english was administered to provide information on whether the respondents read the label, what types of nutrition label being read, reading of expiry dates and precautionary label, and did they understand the label.

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Nutritional status was determined using body mass index. All measurements were taken twice and the mean value was used for data analysis. The association between socio-demographic variables age, gender, race, education, marital status, dating mature Ontario CA and nutritional status were determined using multiple logistic regression analysis.

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Out of respondents sampled, the study team managed to interview respondents on the food label module The majority consisted of Table 1 Responses on reading and understanding of food label according to socio-demographic characteristic and nutritional status. A total of respondents answered that they read the food label Males ificantly did not read label There was no ificant difference in the prevalence of reading labels in other socio-demographic criteria studied Table 1.

According to the dating show Myrtle MS logistic regression analysis Table 2gender, education level and marital status were ificantly associated with not reading the label.

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Kalamazoo dating fdating were 1. The primary school and below education attainers were 4. Table 2 Estimated crude and adjusted odds ratio for not reading and not understanding of food label FL. Overall, among those who reported reading labels, Those with tertiary and secondary education ificantly understood label more than the primary and below education achievers.

There was no ificant difference in understanding the label of other socio-demographic variables studied Table 1. Multiple logistic regression analysis showed that not understanding the label was associated with Los Angeles CA dating agency review status and education level. Working respondents were less likely not to understand the label by 0.

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The respondents who completed primary school or below were more likely not to understand label by 4. Figure 1 shows the prevalence in reading by types of label. Most of the respondents focused to read expiry date This study highlighted that Malaysian adults scored a low prevalence in reading the food label, compared to other population studies. A bigger scale of population study in Malaysia NHMS targeted respondents aged 18 years and above find people Vallejo free no charge that food label reading was ificantly associated with Malays, tertiary education achievers, single respondents, and employed [ 15 ].

NHMS also concluded that female and tertiary academic achievers ificantly read the food label [ 15 ].

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In contrast, the present study found that single respondents was ificantly associated with not reading food label. Another study reported no ificant difference between male and female in reading the food labels [ 16 ].

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This study presents that males were less Carolina to report reading food labels compared to females, as reported elsewhere [ 1718 ]. A sub-analysis of the NHMS reported a higher rate of reading food label among malaysian Malaysia obese male [ 19 ].

This might be contributed by their knowledge and nutrition education they received from healthcare personnel at the clinics or hospital when seeking treatment. The motivation to reduce weight and to decrease the risk of obesity also drive them to seek information from the food label. Another Corpus Christi interracial dating also dating on date night ideas in Santa Ana CA food label awareness among those who were diagnosed with chronic diseases [ 20 ].

They usually were more aware on the nutrient guidelines and dietary guidelines, as compared to healthy individuals with the motivation to control their disease. But in general, healthy males ignore the importance of food label information towards health, perceived reading food label as time consuming, do not understand the food label North and complaint on the small printed labels [ 21 ]. Respondents with lower educational level were more likely not to read food labels, as highlighted in most studies.

This could be Alexandria VA wives dating to the less educated respondents were not familiar with the terminology used and need some form of mathematical calculation to interpret the nutrient requirement and intake [ 22 ]. In contrast, higher education achievements gained health and nutrition knowledge from academic experiences and reading exposures.

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Hence, they had the intellectual capability to read and understand food dating Joliet IL new information. Consequently, they ificantly reported to read labels compared to their counterpart [ 2324 ]. Those who were single did not pay attention to read food labels compared to their married counterpart.

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This finding is in contrast to the NHMS finding, which single respondents were more likely to read food labels [ 16 ]. The figure should be date restaurants Norfolk VA with caution, as this survey implemented a self-reporting feedback. We did not objectively measure the real understanding of food label at the point of purchasing. Those who were jobless, and primary school leavers and below were ificantly associated with not understanding the food label information.