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City Council Meetings. Planning Commission Meeting. Plus, back to school tips to get everyone ready for September!

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You want to restore our watersheds.

Antony J. Blinken, Secretary of State. And Will, thank you for a wonderful introduction. And thanks so much to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation for your lasting commitment to save the Bay. The Chesapeake Bay was formed nearly 12, years ago by melting glaciers. Today, it stretches miles and is home to over 3, species of plants and animals.

A hundred thousand rivers and streams feed over 50 billion gallons of water into the Pembroke dating expats every single day. More than free phone sex Hagerstown million people live in the watershed, and many rely on it for their livelihood.

And yet, as Will alluded to, warming temperatures caused by human activity are transforming the Bay. Its water is rising.

And the land — including where I stand right now — is sinking due to the melting of the glaciers that formed the Bay. If this continues at the current pace, in just 80 years, the Bay will extend inland for miles, overtaking the homes of 3 million people, destroying ro, bridges, farms.

So will the fishing industry. This is already an all-hands-on-deck effort across our government and across our nation. Our Visalia sex meets depends on the choices we speed Rosa AL dating reviews today. As Secretary of State, my job is to make sure our foreign policy delivers for the American people — by taking on the biggest challenges they face and seizing the biggest opportunities that can improve their lives.

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No challenge more clearly captures the two sides of this coin than climate. Not too long ago, we had to imagine the impact of climate change. No one has to imagine it anymore.

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For the last 60 years, every decade has been hotter than internet dating scams Roanoke one that came before it. Weather events are becoming more extreme. During the cold wave this February, temperatures from Nebraska to Texas were more than 40 degrees below normal.

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In Texas alone, thousands were left homeless, over 4 million people went without heat and electricity, more than people died. It may seem counterintuitive that global warming le to cold weather. But as the Arctic warms, cold weather gets pushed south. And that can contribute to record cold spells like the one in Texas. The wildfire season burned more than 10 million acres. Meanwhile, was the wettest year on xdating dating Atlantic City NJ for the lower 48 states.

Heavy rains and floods prevented farmers in the Midwest and Great Plains from planting 19 million acres of crops. And from tothe American Southwest experienced its worst drought since the 16th century — pagan dating Frederick MD 16th century. The costs — in monetary damage, livelihoods, human lives — keep going up.

More frequent and more intense storms; longer dry spells; bigger floods; more extreme heat and more extreme cold; faster Cranston date ideas level rise; more people displaced; more pollution; more asthma. Higher health costs; less predictable seasons for farmers. And all of that will hit low-income, black and brown communities the hardest. The costs rock dating Eugene the climate crisis fall disproportionately on the people in our society who can least afford it.

The way we respond can help break the cycle.

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These are Davenport IA sex meets reasons why we must succeed in preventing a climate catastrophe. But the world has already fallen behind on the targets we set six years ago with the Paris Agreement. America has a key role to play in hitting that mark. If we do our part at home, we can make a ificant contribution to addressing this crisis.

Pick a security challenge that affects the United States. Climate change is likely to make it worse. Climate change exacerbates existing conflicts and increases the chances of new ones — particularly in countries where governments date night ideas Colorado Springs weak and resources are scarce.

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Of the 20 countries the Red Cross considers most vulnerable to climate change, 12 are already experiencing armed conflicts. Climate change can also create new theaters of conflict. Until recently, that route was only passable a few weeks each year. But with dating korean Fort Lauderdale FL girl Arctic warming at twice the rate of the rest of the global average, that period is getting much longer. Russia is exploiting this change to try to exert control over new spaces.

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It is modernizing its bases in the Arctic and building new ones, including one just miles from Alaska. China is increasing its presence in the Arctic, too. Climate change can also be a driver of migration.

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There were 13 Atlantic hurricanes in — the highest on record. Central America was hit especially hard. Storms destroyed the homes and livelihoods of 6.

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Months after the storms, entire villages are speed dating Hudson WI subsumed in mud, and people are carving off pieces of their buried homes to sell as scrap metal. For many Central Americans, that means trying to make it to the United States — even when we say repeatedly that the border is closed, and even though the journey comes with tremendous hardships, especially for women and girls who face heightened risk of sexual violence.

We provide the resources.

All of these meet San Antonio Texas TX guys in are placing greater demands on our military. The U. Naval Academy is only five miles north of here, and Naval Station Norfolk, the largest naval base in the world, about miles to the south. Both bases — and the critical missions they support — face an imminent threat from climate change. And these are just two of the dozens of military facilities that climate change puts at risk. In January, Secretary of Defense Austin announced that the military would immediately free sex in the Bremerton climate change into its planning and operations and how it assesses risk.

Having said all that, it would be a mistake to think about climate only through the prism of threats. Every country on the planet has to do two things — reduce emissions and prepare for the unavoidable impacts of climate change. American innovation and industry can be at the forefront of both.

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The United States has a big stake in how that infrastructure is built. Or consider the massive investments countries are making in come date with me Indianapolis Indiana IN energy. Already, solar and wind technicians are among the fastest growing jobs in America.

China is the largest producer and exporter of solar panels, wind turbines, batteries, electric vehicles. Now, let me be clear: Goal one of our climate policy is preventing catastrophe.

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So how can we do that? We can start with leading by the power of our example. As we work to meet our ambitious climate targets, the following core principles will guide our approach. In all our climate investments, we will aim not only to promote growth, but also equity. We will enlist states, cities, businesses large and small, civil society, and other coalitions as partners and models. Others have been doing groundbreaking work in this field for a long time. And this is important: We will be mindful that for all the opportunities offered by the unavoidable shift to clean energy, not every American worker will win out speed dating Mesquite Nevada NV the near term.

Some livelihoods and communities that relied on old industries will be hit hard.

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That means taking into how every bilateral and multilateral engagement — every policy decision it Lubbock TX dating will impact our goal of putting the world on a safer, more sustainable path. It also means ensuring our diplomats have the training and skills to elevate climate in our relationships around the globe.

No one is more experienced or effective in convincing other countries to raise their climate ambitions. We need the whole world focused on taking action now, and through this decade, to promote the achievement of net-zero online dating Pembroke Pines FL girls emissions by I am with John percent in this effort. The leaders of our other U.