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Subscribe to receive Missing Persons Bulletins in your e-mail inbox. In California, a missing person is someone whose whereabouts is unknown to the reporting party. This includes any child who may have run away, been taken involuntary or may be in need of assistance.

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On Saturday, July 10,at about P. The family free Minneapolis chat lines reported her missing to the Oxnard Police Department on Sunday night, July 11, Detectives obtained evidence that upgraded this case to suspicious circumstances instead of voluntary missing. Josefino Cayetano Maldonado was interviewed by detectives and confessed to killing his ex-wife, Eudelia Gonzalez Rojas in Ventura County but disposed of her body in Santa Barbara County.

Detectives are still processing the area where she was murdered. The killing of Ms. Rojas did not take place within the City of Oxnard. Maldonado provided the unincorporated area of the killing to the police at the time of his interview.

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The body of Ms. Investigators are asking the public to come forward if anyone has witnessed this incident. Anyone with information regarding this case or other criminal activity is encouraged to contact the Oxnard Police Department ator online via the Oxnard Police Department's website: www. You can remain anonymous if you choose to do so. You can also remain anonymous by calling the Ventura Pakistani dating Boston Crime Stoppers at You can also visit this site: www. Only 46 years old. What a shame.

Men are much less likely to be victims.

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But Jody Arias is one example. Some people Suck! Very sad for her family and friends. What a system we have. Glad he was arrested, so sad for the family. Sometimes it's the other way around He said "sometimes it's the other way around". It is true!

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Sometimes it is the other way around. Statistically bla bla bla. But sometimes it IS the other way around. I mearly voiced my opinion and some of you are having a cow some of you probably are cattle. A woman was murdered by her ex-husband, body thrown near the Gaviota Tunnel and Roger is here saying dating free Beaumont TX women kill men too. Go back to Facebook trolling.

Roger, truly, you should have quit while you were ahead.

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What a disgrace! You gotta be kidding me, Roger. Fords are much better than Chevys Of course I'm wrong and your all right I made a statement and said "Sometimes it's the other way around. I'm not guilty about anything but if you think I am call the police I'm sure they will do a through investigation.

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Some of you like playing head games. You're way off base and flat out wrong on this topic Roger.

Missing person search

No need to get so defensive and upset, take time to educate yourself on the topic instead. Oh yea when running from office you have to kiss everyone's butt nsa ladies Hawaii lie be a phony.

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I'm certainly not that but there are quite a few here. I find it interesting that when one disagrees with free South Carolina dating chat rooms majority on Edhat they are verbally attacked and put down some of you really need to practice what you preach. Good Day. My wife had a coworker harass her for over a year.

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Not sexually but would spread rumors and say weird and untrue things about her, posting mean stuff social media. Still not sure why, he was threatened or something but obviously he's got lots of issues. Wife complained to the boss and HR, they didn't do anything and he was promoted.

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She quit. Sexism still exists, very prevalent in the workplace. Disappointing comment by Roger, feels very MensRights. Additionally, every woman I know has at least one story of being harassed by a male.

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Most of the time it's coworkers. Statistically that is not the case. Women are more often victims of abuse, murder, harassment, etc. Sure, men can suffer from these things too, but flirt Oak Harbor have to face harassment on sometimes a daily level that men do not.

How awful!

California missing persons

Women are never safe from harassment and violence. Hey look - an alt-right misogynist. When it comes to violence and harassment from the opposite sex, men are much safer yes. Are men safe from harassment and violence? Search form. Public News.

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