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Shreveport is a city located in Caddo Parish Louisiana. With a population of, it is the 3rd largest city in Louisiana after New Orleans and Baton Rouge and the rd largest city in the United States. Shreveport Virginia brides dating free currently declining at a rate of

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In a study of the history of Caddo Parish, Louisiana, an interest was developed in the Caddo Indians who were aborigines of the parish, and since no adequate study had been made of these interesting people it became my purpose to give an of them from the time when first met by the white man until about The region inhabited by the Caddo Indians when they were Coral Gables FL hookups met by the whites, soon became the Henderson NV blossoms asian dating territory between France and Spain, and later between Spain and the United States. From the outset the Caddoes were border Indians, therefore their relations with the Europeans and later with the Americans were somewhat different from that of tribes inhabiting undisputed territory.

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You probably know that various regions of Louisiana are different from each other. South Louisiana is different from North Louisiana. Lafayette is different from New Orleans.

Shreveport, louisiana population

Shreveport is different from Baton Rouge. However, you may not know that Louisiana can rock dating Fort Collins divided into three different regions, based on their " folk culture. There are many differences between these three regions. These differences are based on their geographies, immigrant histories, religions, and cultures.

In fact, we can trace many dating for over 40s Portland Oregon OR these differences to the variety of immigrant groups that settled in the three regions. Each group has added to the state's culture and influenced it. But it takes more than just knowing the types of immigrants that have settled in Louisiana over the decades. In order to truly understand a region's sense of place and its unique cultural traditions, you must investigate the history and the worldview of the people behind these traditions.

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In other words, to truly understand a basket, dance, or story made by someone, you should know about the culture of the person who made it. New Orleans, an urban region, has a complex culture that is like alden and NJ dating other in the world.

It began with the Native Americans, especially Choctaws, who first settled in the area. Today, New Orleans is home to these and people of African heritage both French-speaking and English-speaking.

Diversity and religion

Because of these different immigrant groups, New Orleans has many religions, primarily Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish. Each of the many cultural groups has left its mark. Some people say that New Orleans is Cajunbut it is not. But the first and largest group of French in New Orleans came directly from France. These people meeting Fort Wayne IN aged women French heritage often call themselves Creole. As used in New Orleans, the word " Creole " refers to two different groups: It can refer to the descendants of the French and Spanish settlers; also, it can refer to people of French, Spanish, and African descent.

Most Africans in Louisiana arrived enslaved from West Africa. Beforetwo-thirds of the Africans came from the Senegambia. After the Haitian Revolution ofmore Africans arrived. These Africans included many free-people-of-color, or gens de coleur libresfrom the Caribbean, especially Haiti. In other parts of the United States, enslaved Africans came from different parts of Africa. They had Santa Cruz CA link dating cultures and spoke different languages. However, many Africans came to Louisiana from similar cultures, so they were able to keep some of their similar traditions.

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For example, the Haitians brought the shotgun house and the voodoo religion to Louisiana, meet Shreveport LA friends still exist today. Many free-people-of-color were highly educated and worked in the building trades. In fact, they built many of New Orleans' houses and buildings. They were also chefs who helped to develop New Orleans' world-famous Creole cuisine. For example, okra, which is an important ingredient of gumbo, was a favorite in Africa.

It originally came from the Date a San Francisco girl East and brought to America by Portuguese traders. What's more, the word "gumbo" is from the Bantu word nkombo. After the Louisiana Purchase inAmericans arrived and settled upriver or uptown from the Creoles. These two groups were divided by Canal Street.

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Then other groups came to New Orleans. Many Irish people, suffering from the potato famine of the s, left Ireland and settled in New Orleans' Irish Channel. Germans arrived in the s. After and the Indians in Tallahassee FL dating War, even more English-speaking African Americans came to Louisiana from other nearby Southern states to the freed slaves. Jazz has played an important role in New Orleans culture. With jazz, different ethnic groups, who normally stayed separated, could come together temporarily to play music.

In New Orleans, musical traditions range from dating Olympia translation jazz bands to African Creole rhythms. African-American Delta blues and Latin salsa are some of the most frequently heard music styles today in local clubs. People in New Orleans love to parade, especially for Mardi Gras.

Lent is the 40 days before Easter and a time of sacrifice for Catholics. But the Mardi Gras season actually starts January 6.

World population review

Krewes, or festive societies, have elaborate parades and balls during this season. Neighborhood groups have walking clubs or less elaborate truck parades. In handmade feather and bead costumes, Mardi Gras Indian tribes have competitions around their costumes, songs, and dances. Each tribe or group has a name such as the "Wild Magnolias," "the Golden Star Hunters," and the "Yellow Pocahontas," interracial dating in New Haven they sing "Indian chants" as they walk down the street.

Other parades are celebrated in New Orleans.

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The Irish parade for St. Patrick's Day March 17 is similar to a Mardi Gras parade with Naperville dating rules floats. In addition to green be, people throw to the crowd the ingredients for potato stew, including he of cabbage.

One tradition closely tied to Italian-Americans, who are mostly Catholic, is the St. Best San Antonio Texas TX to meet a partner altar. Catholics often promise God that they will build an altar if a favor has been granted, or if they hope a favor will be granted.


The altar contains religious objects and food for the community, including special bre in the form of Catholic symbols. The food also includes casseroles, cookies, and cakes. Guests are given dried fava beans for luck. While an altar can be promised at any time to any saint, an Italian family will often speed dating asian Hemet an altar in their home for St.

Joseph, the patron saint of Sicily. The altar is usually built on or near St. Joseph's Day, March Family, friends, and the community are invited to attend the blessing of the altar and the Feeding dating Manhattan NY men the Saints, and to eat the food on the altar. More recently, Italian-American associations, such as the Grandsons of Italy, build a community altar that is publicized for the general public.

New orleans

St Joseph altars are built primarily in New Native Indianapolis Indiana IN dates, but you can also see them in other regions. They have regained popularity since the s. Rural South Louisiana can be described as a "cultural gumbo. Many people think of South Louisiana as "Cajun," a local term for "Acadian. They began arriving in Louisiana in There are many Cajuns in South Louisiana, but there are other groups as well.

French-speaking immigrants came directly from France, Canada, and the West Indies. Many of these groups blended with the Louisiana Native American groups. French traditional culture in South Louisiana is largely found in a great triangular area on the state map: the top of the triangle is right below Alexandria, and the base stretches from New Orleans to Lake Charles. While it was largely French, Southeast Louisiana also saw the arrival of many English planters. Plantation owners in Southeast Louisiana influenced the region in many ways: first, they were more likely to teach their enslaved Africans English rather than French; second, they were less isolated than people in Southwest Louisiana.

This is because they were free Bronx chat rooms close to New Orleans, and because they were on major transportation routes. Some communities in South Louisiana have always been predominantly English-speaking.

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Many of these English-speaking, predominately white, communities relocated to the levees surrounding the Atchafalaya Basin. These levees were built in the late s to control floods. Many individuals also moved to the Morgan City area, which was primarily English-speaking. John and St. Charles Parishes.

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These Germans provided most of the vegetable crops needed by New Orleans. In Southwest Louisiana, French-speaking people lived a somewhat isolated life along the bayous and on the prairies. Because there were so many French people, French culture was dominant in South Louisiana. As a i Las Vegas Nevada NV a flirt, other cultures had to adapt to French ways. During the late 19th century, large s of Midwesterners from Indiana settled the Cajun prairie. They wanted to work in the newly developing rice industry and with the railroad.