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Years old 20
Ethnicity: Belgian
I understand: English
Other hobbies: Looking after pets

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Library patrons were invited to answer to the question "What does it mean to be human? They wrote their answers on sticky notes which are represented here exactly as they were written, without editing of text; any drawings are described in parentheses.

Otis Library; Norwich, CT. Full Image.

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Helpful to Everything. U-turns are made to fix our mistakes. Marks of us are left for the universe. Anything can be an asnwer. No one left behind. To understand.

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Thanks for a great exhibit. To be human is do such cherryblossom dating Indianapolis Indiana IN in Think about othe people. We've come a long way. Let's not mess it up! To care for others and search for purpose. To record and communicate you story! To be healty. It means to be kind, respectful, helpful, and thankful for the things and people that you have in your life.

Laughing and being happy. Be yourself. Friendly, kind, and respect. To use tools. To love each other. To make mistakes then embrace them-Abbie L. To do stuff other can't do and be speison like others. To embrace spirtual reality and source. It means to live. It means to have the rights to life and property of the Natural Rights.

To think Creatively. Food- Areanna Reed Iovene. Ability to Adapt. To be a Savager Mr-Xavier2. To be Human means to never find sex Ocala FL eup and keep on striving-NTG. To up life each other!

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Snapchat: Flamegang Ceo. To lovingly evolve in mind, body and spirit alone and in conjunction with one's species. To be human is to grow. Love follow me on YouTube at Naiya Stone. To enjoy and be apart or life beacause U only got 1. As tge picking up girls in Corona cibgiutively evolved, with the use of tools and power to shape the world-to be responsible for th ebeings we are connected to.

To be selfish. Thinking and innovation. This is what a libary is for: education, engagment, empowerment. Otis does it all. To love, show empathy, to care, to sing, to laugh.

To show affection. To continue to learn and develop. Conflict between groups.

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To care for others and accept all. You have your own ablities. To be creative and be who you are.

The smithsonian institution's human origins program

Enjoy who you are not someone else. Find love in your heart-Angie. To have the ability to adapt and evolve. To think, to interact and, reason with free online chat Murfreesboro TN no registration. Canine co-evolution.

The ability to The importance of it all: personally, relationshiply, communaly and globally. I love cats. Thinking, Exchanging Ideas. Posess a greater understanding of time, place and complex thought. To walk on two legs. To be able to communicate and accept and celebrate our differences. Hope oer tve future. To be lucky!

Boarders, Government, Use of money, 7 Deadly Lansing dating sight. Tacos are great. Proof positive were are all connected. To think Erika Poe. Feeling, living, breathing, being. To use reason and self reflection to better ourselves and our world. To be present. To imagine a thing that doesn't exist and than make it exist. To think, plan, reflect on the past present, future.

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To quantify time-knowing that it is finite. To take advantage of everything. To take care of social relationships dating shows Austin Texas TX be empathetic. What a boring existence we would have if everyone was the same Asking quesitons, listening to each other's answers, being adaptable to change.