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But there is a Beaumont distance hookup threat to Apple's success, and that of every other high-tech manufacturer in the U. revelations in this vein from whistleblower Edward Snowden mainly concerned American software and web service companies like Microsoft and Facebook. But a new story from the computer security firm Kaspersky reveals new ways in which the NSA is compromising American hardware as well.

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There is a lot of bad blood between Silicon Valley companies and the intelligence community. It should not be surprising with what the NSA did to understand why Silicon Valley is pushing back so strongly, with encryption, with lawyers, and with any other tool at their disposal. For Silicon Valley, beyond anything else, needs a reputation for trust, a reputation directly attacked by the NSA. Even the fact San Francisco CA online dating profile Yahoo challenged this order remained secret until after the Snowden disclosures, and it was a year further before even redacted versions of the orders and arguments became publicly available.

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If you can not discuss the case you make nor the case against you, and if you can not even see all the arguments made by the government Detroit Mi roden dating, this is not law.

What would we call this if it was any other country?

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Yet even if Yahoo won, it would be academic. We also know that data compelled from US companies is not just about fighting terrorists, but is specifically used by the NSA to target trade issues in Japan, oil in Venezuela, and energy in Mexico.

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The NSA will intercept routers or media in transit, open the boxes, and sabotage the device. The photo of unknown NSA personnel opening the underside of a Cisco box to install an implant probably did more for Huawei sales than anything else in the past three years. Large US government research programs have focused on preventing and countering lifecycle attacks, how to protect against such sabotage in romantic date ideas Wichita KS supply chain.

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And during this time, the NSA was directly attacking Cisco in the same way. Interdicting routers only targets individual and in the one known case, a particularly deserving Cisco customers while the FISA process Hampshire IL matrimonials free limits the of targets.

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Google, Yahoo, and other big cloud services have large data centers full of computers all around the planet, with private network connections between them. Through these private connections, the computers backup information into other data centers and migrate data around.

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The ability to work in a post-Snowden world strongly Erie PA flirts on the company. Cisco and server vendors like HP and Dell, who sell interdictable devices to individual customers, now must go through great lengths to retain business including shipping to fake addresses.

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Perhaps the worst off are cloud service providers, both those offering services like Amazon and those, like Google and Yahoo, who survive on advertising. Nobody living outside the 5-eyes countries can trust these providers, because their business model relies on the provider having access.

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And if the provider has access, the NSA can have access too. The bad blood will remain for years.

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