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Gregory J. Retallack, William N. Orr, Donald R. Prothero, Robert A. Duncan, Paul R. Kester, Clifford P. Ambers; Eocene-Oligocene extinction and paleoclimatic change near Eugene, Oregon. GSA Bulletin ;; : — Thick ash-flow tuffs provide marker beds through fossiliferous Eocene and Oligocene marine and non-marine sedimentary rocks near Eugene, Oregon. New mapping, radiometric dating, and paleomagnetic stratigraphy of these tuffs and rocks now allow dating dating NY rican man local fossil floras.

The Comstock, Goshen, Rujada, and Willamette floras have been widely used as evidence for Eocene-Oligocene climatic cooling and drying.

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Eocene leaves Lubbock TX white dating Comstock and Hobart Butte included such thermophilic taxa as Liquidambar. The early Oligocene Goshen flora lacked Liquidambar but retained many thermophilic species with large leaves that have entire margins and acuminate apices drip tips.

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In contrast, fossil leaves from later Oligocene Rujada and Willamette floras are small and serrate, and most lack drip tips. Marine faunas also indicate climatic cooling and local disappearance of thermophilic molluscs such as AnadaraFicusand Conus.

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Plant diversity rebounds during the early Oligocene, but marine invertebrates continue to decline into the Exclusive dating agencies Savannah in part due to the retreat of fully marine environments from the Eugene area.

The Eocene-Oligocene biotic and climatic transition was drawn out over some 6 m.

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Abrupt forcings such as meteorite impacts or volcanic eruptions are less likely explanations for cooling and diversity decline than long-term processes such as mountain building, changing ocean currents, or reorganization of the carbon cycle by coevolution of grasses and grazers. Shibboleth In. OpenAthens In. Institutional In. User Tools. In. Advanced Vallejo CA meeting.

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Research Article July 01, Retallack ; Gregory J. Google Scholar. William N. Vancouver girl for free ; William N. Donald R. Prothero ; Donald R. Robert A. Duncan ; Robert A. Paul R. Kester ; Paul R. Clifford P. Ambers Clifford P. GSA Bulletin : — Article history received:.

Abstract Thick ash-flow tuffs provide marker beds through fossiliferous Eocene and Oligocene marine and non-marine sedimentary rocks near Eugene, Oregon. You do not currently have access to speed dating Tulsa Oklahoma article. You could not be ed in.

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