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On that first day, a midsummer Friday, 50, people jammed into a dusty fairground in the San Fernando Valley.

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Summer isn't the only time things heat up in Newport. As temperatures begin to dip, this porter Wilmington NC dating of date ideas around town gets even more creative to keep the flame alive. Because what's more romantic than freshly fallen snow and the sound of winter waves meeting the shoreline? Correct answer: Not much. Commence mitten holding. When you're ready, we can't wait to welcome you back to The Classic Coast!

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Dairy farming could have been happening in Wales as early as 3,BC, according to new research. Shards of decorated pottery taken from the Trellyffaint Neolithic monument near Newport, Pembrokeshire, were found to contain dairy fat residue. The residue could only originate Memphis Tennessee TN hookups milk-based substances such as butter, cheese, or more probably yoghurt.

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Project leader Dr Nash said Julie Dunne of the University of Bristol had detected the dairy fat residues from the inner surfaces of the pottery, as well as dating them with Dr Nash, who teaches at the University of Coimbra in Portugal, termed the period a "Neolithic package" that included animal husbandry, pottery making, food procurement and different ways of burying and nigerian dating in Amarillo the dead.

It gradually replaced the hunting, fishing and gathering way of life which had typified the era.

Early farmers

Interest in Trellyffaint began when former University of Bristol archaeology graduates Les Dodds and Phil Dell conducted several geophysical surveys on and around the Neolithic stone chambers. They discovered two concentric henges along with other buried objects.

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The henges - two circular earthen banks - are roughly contemporary with Stonehenge, dating from the mid to latter part of the Neolithic period, between 3,BC and 2,BC. However, Dr Nash said it is important to view the period as a continuum of social and ritual looking Missouri girl for friendship rather than a single event. The survey discovered the main chamber was largely in a good state of preservation. However, at some point in the recent past, the enormous capstone covering the chamber had slipped off its supporting upright stones.

Up to 75 engraved cupmarks - gouged circular indentations - and several intersecting lines were recorded on top of this stone.

Beach house rooms

The cupmarks, which feature on only a handful of Neolithic burial-ritual monuments in Wales, suggest the stone formed part of a new religious ideology where rock art dating a military man Nebraska distance the night sky and constellations. Maybe a few hundred years later, the community using Trellyffaint made the decision to yet again change their worldview, which resulted in the construction of the two concentric henges a few yards north of the monument.

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For this new set of monuments, offering dairy products rather than looking towards the night sky became the new way of veneration. The artefacts discovered will be presented to the National Museum of Wales finding a friend in Grove Cardiff for safekeeping, while the team's research is due for publication in several international scientific journals.

Largest prehistoric monument found near Stonehenge.

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Stone Age axe discovered during dig. Sex meet in Pueblo reveals Cardiff's Neolithic past. Welsh Rock Art Organisation. University of Coimbra. Patrols aim to tackle heritage crime in Wales Neolithic cave investigation begins Ancient skeleton to return to Wales. Early farmers.

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New religious ideology. Related Topics.

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Dairy farming Archaeology Newport. More on this story.

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Published 22 June Published 31 May Published 23 July Related Internet Links.