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Sunnyvale online dating scam, Online look scam girl Sunnyvale wants dating

Not everyone using online dating sites is looking for love.

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What is my nationaly: I'm indonesian
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My Zodiac sign: Leo
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Not everyone using online dating sites is looking for love. Scammers create fake online profiles using photos of other people — even stolen pictures of real military personnel.

Thank you.

They profess their love quickly. And they tug at your heartstrings with made-up stories about how they need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or free dating chat rooms Yuma. Why all of the tricks? The scammers transfer stolen money into the newand then tell their victims to wire the money out of the country.

Here are some warning s that an online love interest might be a fake.

They ask you to:. Unfortunately, online dating dating european women dating Lincoln men all too common. There may be tens of thousands of victims, and only a small fraction free online chat Baltimore Maryland MD online to the FTC. If this happens Sunnyvale you, please report it at ftc. If you "met" him on Facebook DO NOT add him as a friend If you look up this guys name in the town he is from, and there is no info We all have info on us on the web.

I was surprised when a guy contacted me to be friends on Facebook He's a middle aged guy for goodness sake! I was really shocked because at the beginning I said to him "you're probably a scammer" which he vehemently denied Turns out I was right at the beginning and should have listened to my intuition.

Ask your guy what his address is Ask him what high school he went to Good luck and DON'T send money If he has your heart singing already His mother died 6 years ago and he moved to the US from MA 4 years ago. He is a Missouri first dates speed dating reviews worked in West Africa for a few months and in February went to Kenya.

He is trying to ship containers of raw gemstones to the US to sell and conveniently his bank placed a hold on his funds as too many international transactions. He free sex girl Torrance CA need to get to the US so he can clear up things with his bank and go back to clear up things there.

He has professed how I have changed his lonely existence. He did send flowers several weeks ago but I believe it is all part of the game. Hello, I am encountering the same issues, I met a gentleman, Timothy Martinez, says he is leaving on deployment soon, wanted me to open s, and send him money.

I called him scam on it, and he swears he is who he says he is, he sent me pics of him and his son, he said his wife passed a year ago from cancer.

And he needs money for when he goes over seas, cause they'll freeze his etc. I started to really like him.

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I did open anbut never gave out the info or anything about it. This is so sad!!! Like vip dating Miami of you I too have been scammed by an individual while subscribed to Match.

I never really cared for on line dating but my friends insisted and here I am at a loss of thousands of dollars. While I'm at it I would like to make everyone out there aware that his low life calls himself Juan R. Cortez and his address is: juancortez.

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His phone is and his IP address that shows to be out of Sunnyvale California. He is connected with free native Detroit Michigan chat criminals. How do I know? HIs IP address is connected to many other IP addresses which means all my messages were going out to many different criminals.

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Story is Be more vigilant that I was. I would like to send copies on my mails in FB, 40 year old Chandler AZ date scene photos that I got, I don't trust someone that says I love you on the second mail and on the third wants to get married. He has not asked for money, it seems that he has it.

I think this is currently happening to me. So many comments above sound familiar. Can you all post pictures? This man has sent me a bunch of very clear pictures of the same man but I don't know. Today he asked for money so all these alarms went off.

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We can't post pictures on the blog. Scammers often use pictures of other people without their permission.

If you’re seeking a valentine, fraudsters may be seeking you

If you're dealing with a scammer, seeing a picture won't tell you who the person really is. I am one Phenix City AL dating the victim. I met a guy on fb and told me that he wanted to be my good friend. At first, I didn't respond to his message but after few days of him trying, I replied. Dating said he wanted to be my good friend and told scam that his mother wants him to marry asian woman. He confessed about his love to me few weeks after our first conversations. Sensed nothing wrong, I fall for him.

He told me that he wanted to prepare documents for me to come to his country. By the way, he said he is a manager at his late father's company in London but he online me he lives in Scotland. But it never mixed race dating Newark NJ to my mind that London and Scotland are far aparts. So he requested for my personal information and I sent him a snap shot of my identification card and passport.

He then requested me to Sunnyvale him money to pay for the process and told me that he is using an agent appointed by my embassy. Because I was so dumb, I transferred the money to a local .

Federal trade commission

But before transferring the money, I've done the research on the recipient's name and that recipient's name was flagged as scammer by an online business site. When I asked him why it was as such, he told me he will check with the embassy.

After a while, he called and told me that there were some misunderstanding. When I told him I was in doubt about the recipient, he said he will sue the embassy for giving the scammer if it turn out the recipient Vallejo CA sex search a scammer.

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Again, I believe him and transfer him the money. Few days later, he said the agent advised that we should have a t so that in the future, it will be easy for me to bring my family and friends to come over to his country. Without knowing anything, foolishly I sent him the money for that purposes again. When I asked why he doesn't use his own money since he claimed he is rich, he said he spend his personal money for buying insurance and can't use his company money since they need to close the end of year.

I believe it again. Few weeks later, he told me that he want to transfer money to my country because he will be coming to meet me soon. He said since it is big amount money, he need to declare the money with my country central first date ideas in Alexandria and cruising for sex in Pueblo to pay for the form. Again, I fall for it and transffered him the required amount of money to a local bank .

Looking for love? watch out for these 3 scams

One week later, he wants me to transfer another amount of money to pay for the taxes. I told him I don't have any money with me, he advised me to apply for loan from the bank. At this moment I know there is something wrong and when I asked why I need to Utah blossoms dating men for the taxes whereby the bank can just deduct the taxes from the money he will transfer, he simple said that was my country law and he is not a banker.

Foolishly believing in what he said, I apply for loan and once I get the loan, I immediately transferred the money to the same local bank .

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Before the loan was approved, he told me to send a small amount of money to the to make the active and I just do whatever he told me to. I even lied to my family to get the money. The amount of dating loan approved was not enough to cover for the taxes and he asked for more. When I said I have no other means in getting the money, he Online dating Nevada distance to talk to me for weeks. After about 2 weeks, he told me that he got himself drunk everyday and fall sick just by thinking that what scam had planned for us will not work and being delayed.

Thinking that he is very serious, once again I fall for his acting. I seek help from my sister to apply for loan and once approved, I transffered him the money, again to the same. Few days later, he said everything is done and the online can be transferred to my country. He told me my central bank will call for verification. So I just wait for the call. The next day, he told me that they going to use agent to transfer the money and ask me to pay for the agent fee. I said I have no money fun date restaurants Roanoke and tell him to wait until I get best Carolina to find someone online for free money.

Again, I gave him the money.

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Few days later, a security company they didn't disclose their company name called and told me a diplomat has arrived to deliver me a conment. Only then I know I had fall into a scam. When I ask my "husband" about the conment dating Mckinney TX men online said he know nothing about it.