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A federal magistrate ordered the public disclosure of the video Friday as part of a lawsuit alleging racial profiling and civil rights violations brought by music producer Antone Austin, known as Tone Stackz, who meet NJ friends arrested in May despite not being the suspect in a domestic violence call.

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Police vehicles surrounded Abel Mata on a sunny afternoon outside his Torrance home. A stunned Mata was forced to explain: The child was his grandson. As Mata and the officers walked toward the door, a blond woman came out of a Houston Texas grier dating apartment and approached them, shouting that he was the abductor. She carried a samurai sword, Mata said. His offense, by all appearances, was being the brown-skinned grandfather of a light-skinned child.

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The contrast — not unusual in a state where mixed-race families are common and Latinos, like other groups, have kin whose skin and hair color span the spectrum — had been pointed out before. But kidnapping? As the couple drove away, she said, she noticed a blond woman standing meet Odessa women in front of a garage a few doors down, watching them Gainesville ladies dating. Ten minutes later, as Mata was packing his car with diapers for a trip to the park, two police SUVs rolled up.

They then ushered him inside and questioned his wife. Satisfied that no abduction had taken place, they prepared to leave. But first, Mata said, they warned him not to approach his neighbor.

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If he did, he could be charged with harassment. Alexander Martinez said in an interview.

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Nobody was really detained. It was more just trying to get clarification from the family. The block where Mata lives is a mix of bungalows and townhouses with picket fences bordering neat lawns. She said that residents had been on heightened alert recently after a rumor flew that a man had tried to force a young woman into a sedan. Torrance police had no record of such a crime but said that on Aug.

The suspect was later arrested, Martinez said. The Petersburg VA guys and dating said they understand why police responded. What if someone really had been abducting Milo? Constitution, which counted each slave as three-fifths of a person for the purpose of apportioning seats in the House of Representatives.

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Aswhen Athena was out with her father, people would sometimes pull her to the side and ask dating vietnamese California guy she was OK. But this was the first time someone actually called the police because of the way they look, she said. Athena Mata created a TikTok post consisting of cellphone video her dad shot of the police encounter interspersed with video clips of him playing with his laughing grandson.

The post went viral, with more thanviews as of Thursday, and inspired a segment on local television news. That was the point I was trying to get across with all of this. Over the summer, a woman was caught on camera berating two people in separate anti-Asian tirades at Charles H.

Wilson Park. Funny California to meet someone woman, Lena Hernandez, was eventually charged with battery in a separate confrontation that took place at Del Amo Fashion Center mall. The whole block is upset about this.

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Mata said that dating a native Asheville NC man, which gave him hope, took place as he was walking with his grandson. Watch L. Times Today at 7 p. Alex Wigglesworth is an environment reporter who covers wildfires for the Los Angeles Times. Before ing the newsroom inshe was a general asment reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News and Philly. A Philadelphia native, she graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in medical anthropology and global health.

She currently lives in Inglewood.

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More Column One Storytelling. Tokyo Summer Olympics. Column One: When in Tokyo, forget everything you know about 7-Elevens and convenience stores. After getting his DNAhe messaged a stranger: I think you might be my father. A new thing rich people are into: absolutely enormous crystals.

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By Alex Wigglesworth Staff Writer. A neighbor had called to report that a Latino man had kidnapped a white baby. Abel Mata and his grandson, Milo Walker, 2. More stories. Alex Wigglesworth. Follow Us twitter instagram facebook. Business A new thing rich people are into: absolutely enormous crystals.